The Pope Benedict XVI, said: "Have confidence in Divine Mercy! Convert yourselves day after day into men and women of the mercy of God!"; «"we must not let this light goes out"», but «"it must grow in us each day and thus to carry to the world the happy announcement of God"»,

El Pope Benedict XVI: The words «Jesus, I trust in you» sum up the Christian faith.

It is the peace that Jesus has earned to the price of his Blood and that communicates to as many as they trust in Him. “Jesus I trust in You”. In these words the faith of the Christian is summarized, that is the faith of the omnipotence of God’s merciful Love.

Cordially greet to all the countrymen of the Pope john Paul II. Five years ago, in Krakow, he trusted the entire world to the Divine Mercy, of which the humanity has so much need each day. Let us pray that this gift of God is given especially in those nations where dominates the humiliation, anger and tragedy of the war. That the Divine Love defeat the sin and the good conquer evil. We should be witnesses of the mercy. I wish you all the true joy of Easter”

In the first world congress of the Divine Mercy (Rome, April of 2008), the Pope Benedict XVI explained: The Divine Mercy has the power to change the world. It is a Love Revolution capable to eradicate evil and to sow the good in its place. Only the Mercy of God made flesh in Jesus can redress the balance between good and evil in the world, starting with the small and essential “world” that is de human heart”