John Paul II, the Pope that many historians will know as the Pope of the Mercy, gave a strong support for the mercy diffusion, He was who canonized to Holy Faustina and instituted The Fest of the Divine Mercy, that providentially marked his death (unforgettable Saturday afternoon April 2, 2005, when he closed his eyes to this world, was exactly the eve of the second Sunday of Easter)

The Pope John Paul II, had prepared a message to be read because on the occasion of the Mariana prayer of the "«Regina Caeli» in that Mercy Sunday. The posthumous message, was read after the Mass for the respose of the Holy Father in the St Peter square at Vatican City.

During the canonization of St. Faustina, April 30, 2000, John Paul II, said: "The light of the Message of Mercy entrusted by Jesus to Saint Faustina, will ILLUMINATE THE MAN of the third millennium", I want to transmit to the new millennium and to everyone, this message of the Divine Mercy, so that they know better the true Face of Merciful God”.

John Paul II, mentioned, before hundreds of thousands of people in Poland, that he continuously prayed this Chaplet to the Divine Mercy:


On September 22, 1981 at the Sanctuary of Merciful Love, in Collevanza, Italy, John Paul II said: "Since the beginning of my Pontificated I have considered this message as my special commitment. The providence has assigned it to me”. The same year published the Encyclical "Dives in Mercy" (Rich in Mercy) in which refers Christ as the "incarnation of the mercy", interminable source of mercy..

John Paul II gave a mandate to the Priests: "Let's do the Divine Mercy YOUR PRIESTLY PROGRAM on this needy time as ever before”.

By initiative of the Pope John Paul II have been distributed millions of prints in which he wrote these words :


On August 17 2002, the Pope John Paul II celebrated the Mass of Consecration of the Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in Lagiewniki –Krakow.

He carry out the act of world Consecration to the Divine Mercy. He trusted the world to the Divine Mercy, to the unlimited confidence in God, the Merciful one, to That that has been not alone a source of inspiration, but also of the force of his service as the Peter’s Successor.

That same day, he expressed: "I desire ardently that the message of the merciful love of God, proclaimed here through Holy Faustina, arrive at all the inhabitants of the land and fill its heart of hope. That this message be diffused since this place to all our beloved country and to the world. I hope it come true the firm promise of Lord Jesus: from here should leave "the spark that will prepare the world for his last arrival".

Due to the devotion of the Divine Mercy, so beloved and extended by John Paul II, as one of his commitments during all his pontificated, after 5 years of his death and to have been verified a miracle carried out to the nun Marie Simon-Pierre, healing of badly of Parkinson through its intersection, his successor the Pope Benedict XVI has elected Sunday 1o of May of 2011, "Festival of the Mercy" and liturgical anniversary of his death, as very symbolic date to carry out his Beatification in the St Peter square in Vatican City.