The miracles times has not passed. The power of God continues manifesting day by day. There is nothing impossible to GOD and for those who believe that is possible.

The testimonies help us to fortify our faith.

If you have any testimony that you would like to share with us, please send it to sdm.sso@gmail.com


My son Ernesto Jr., 40 years old, was admitted on Sunday the 1st. of November 2009, at the Hospital Los Angeles, Interlomas D.F.

After he had being rejected from the IMSS( Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social), a Mexican institution, (they did not care any attention to his health), because to them the physical condition that he presented was not INFLUENZA, and they do not want to feed Mexico's statistics, under the flag of the economic crisis (MORAL CRISIS of our governors), despite having several days with temperatures above 40 degrees, excessive coughing, breathlessness, etc., so they told him to go back to his home to be cured from "flu". It was October 28th, 2009, in the IMSS clinic 58 in Santa Monica, Tlalnepantla, Edo de Mexico, at 12:00 pm.

The doctor who attended my son (Ernesto Jr.) told to his mother (Nella) he was cyanotic, so it was necessary to hospitalize and oxygenate, as his body was not oxygenating itself.

On Monday, November 2 of 2009, He was admitted into Intensive therapy because he was not processing the oxygen through his lungs. The "x’-Rays shows an infection of 75% to one lung and 100% for the other. He could suffer a respiratory arrest in any time. They intubated and connected him to a respirator and sedated him. Then Nella, his mother called me to tell me to go to the hospital and stay next to my son.

On Tuesday, the next day, the doctor said there was a very small progress and that in these situations is normal and a very slow progress.

On Wednesday morning, he had not made any progress. The doctor told us sadly. Then we thought that only God’s help could heal my son. Then, we start asking for HELP through this advanced technology to friends, relatives in Mexico, USA, Austria, Australia, Italy that we joined at 3:00 pm. Mexico time on a prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe, who had always helped me. Let me said: I am not sure if I am a man of little faith, or Atheist but I am a Virgin of Guadalupe’s believer. Maybe it was for convenience.

Being 2:20 pm suddenly appeared a beautiful Lady. A white lady, blue eyes, with a beautiful smile, and she asked me: Catholic? Yes, was my answer. Do you have a family grave? Yes badly, my son. I was with my mom (85 years old). And she said to me: "I would like to pray for your son, if you don’t mind"

My first thought was that she came to ask for charity to some church program. Whatever it cost, I will do it, I also thought.

And she (the beautiful lady) walked up the aisle of intensive care. She asked for permission to enter, and it was denied because it was shift change time. She gave her name: I am Susana Segura, will you please go and talk with “XX” on the first floor, to check that I have permission to enter to pray for the sick. And suddenly we crossed the pass, without previous call. We never had passed two people together to see my son. First Miracle.

We came in, and she touched his foot with a relic, and he began to move with excessive force. He was tied to his bed. We began to pray a rosary called “the Divine Mercy Chaplet”, and when we finished, I told my son:

There is a very nice lady with me who came to pray." And he said yes with his head. Second miracle.

Susana Segura, my angel, put some drops of holy water of the Jordan to my son, and suddenly he was trying to get up. Third miracle.

We leaved. And she dried my tears with her words. "Yes, Susan, you are right."

We returned to the waiting room where my Mom was waiting for us. And in a short time Nella, the mother of my children, arrived with two friends and Pete my daughter.

I told Susan that at 3:00 pm we are going to pray with all the family and friends, and she answered me: that's why I am here among you, to pray.

No more comments about an angel called Susana. She had gone, as well as she arrived. Tranquility and peace surrounded us in the room. What a woman! God bless her.

During the afternoon and night we receive more than 50 mails of relatives, friends, and acquaintances that had been joined to the Prayer chain. From Ensenada, Toluca, Cancun, Huatulco, San Cristobal de las Casas, Puebla, Austria, Australia, Italy, US, and others that I don’t know where. I think more than 300 people joined to this cause.

At 19:30 p.m. the doctor who attends Ernesto Andrés (Jr.) arrived. I saw his smile and I knew that the Faith that Susana gave us, combined with the prayers of all my friends, was working.

Ernesto had an important improvement. There had no blood in his lungs and they had been cleaned "50 cents". I understand the half. I am public bookkeeper. I am not a doctor to understand cents. The Doctor said that he cannot understand what had happened for that big change. Of course,


I want to give this Testimony as what I am, AN REPENTED ATHEIST of my foolishness. Do not stop praying for the health of my son, he is still in intensive care, but God and the Virgin are helping us.


With gratitude beforehand, your truly servant,


2- Being in the hospital, I received a visit and that person gave me a photo in a letter size that had from one side the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Lord of the Divine Mercy on the other side, besides other stamps of different sizes

Well ……….. When I was in radiation Therapy, just the time that takes the radiation I prayed an Our Father and imagined that the rays of the radiation were the Rays from the heart of the Lord of the Divine Mercy and that obviously would relive me; at the same time I was thinking that behind me was the Virgin(Madona) of Guadalupe covering me with her holy tilma and taking care of me so that everything went well.

And….so it was, thanks God everything went well.



3- Beginning the year (January 2, 2010), I had a very strong automobile accident, it was a total car loss (In a very large and important avenue, I was driving by myself in a city of U.S.), when suddenly appeared a person who was driving another car, went over the stop sign, I had no chance to avoided him, though I tried, I crashed with the car.

I survived !!, It was a fatal accident, the people who were there as witnesses of the accident, can’t explained how I was alive, neither the police that attended me, besides I had a person in that moment that I consider her like an angel (she was coming from behind the person that didn’t respect the stop sign) she help me a lot ; she chase the person who hit me and was trying to escape, she got a police patrol for me, she was my valuable witness to clarify the accident, she was in every moment with me….. I had some problems with the connection of my mobile and l couldn’t communicate with my husband, finally after all procedures matters and (thanks God) no need an ambulance, the Patrol drove me home, later, we went to Hertz and they gave us a new car, and all was fixed in a very simple way.

I Do understand how come nothing happened to me: I was praying the Divine Mercy chaplet. !!!

Everything was so fast!!, But at the same time as slow-motion sequences, the air bags (all activated) were white, so in that moment I could only see everything white and when I finally got off the car, I was surprised that nothing happened to me, God let me know in that moment, that He was giving me more time because I still have many things to do here on earth, collaborating with Him “for the salvation of souls”

Now, I enjoy more every minute of my life, I thank God to let me live more time and now I appreciate life more.

The gift of life is wonderful!!, and... Sadly, in most cases we are not conscious of it.

I confirm once again, that! The Mercy of God is immense !



4- I was waiting in the room of the hospital for my daughter come out from the surgical thyroid operation. The person who did the tomography told us that the tumor that was seen as likely to be malignant for sure. (It was very badly of his part, the comment, but he did it). I was very worried about my daughter, because she has three little Children, I am an old Lady and also I have a Alzheimer’s husband, I felt very anxious when suddenly a person entered into the room and talked to me about the Lord of the Divine Mercy, I was just praying he rosary at that moment, but I felt alone and weak. Slowly I went calming down. The Doctor had told us she will come out in two hours from the surgical operation room and they will let us know. It passed the two hours and two more. Finally the Doctor entered into the room and told me “You haven’t been notified you that all turned out well? I told them that notified you". Don’t worry about the tumor, I am pretty sure it is “benign” and I know because I operate daily and I know how they are; any way, we will wait for the 72 hrs. to be sure. I began to thanks the Lord. In spite of being alone I felt very peaceful. The next day, I carry all the images of The Divine Mercy the person gave me when visited me in the hospital, and I started to hand out at school, especially with students who are a bit rebellious, I talked my experience and I told them how He help me a lot in those difficult moments. Raise the hand who wants an image. Almost all did, except two youths, but later they participated in the living Rosary.



5- First of all I want to thank you for your visit, that day you changed a lot of the things for us, still when the medical diagnosis was really desolate, we have found tranquility, peace, hope and mainly, faith in the prayers to our Lord of Mercy and just saying with faith “Jesus, I trust in You”, everything becomes clearer and less hard and we have found a serenity in moments we would be completely different.

Thank you indeed for being a God messenger in moments of anguish and be part of the conversion of the people.

In addition, I like to say that we are in the best disposition to make known the message of Jesus of Mercy, so we decided to start doing something and not to be silent after this wonderful experience we had from the biggest pain we have experienced in our life.



6- On December 13th I had family dinner, and I gave to some of my cousins the images of the Lord of the Divine Mercy and explain them how to pray the Chaplet of the mercy. On Tuesday 15th one of my Cousins called me to comment me that Sunday when she return to her house (she lives in another city) she found out that the son of a close friend was very sick, and he needed a very risky surgery. So she went to visit her and she took the Image and the Prayer of The Divine Mercy, they pray it together almost all the night, and the next day the boy began to be better. The Doctors couldn’t explain the improvement, and the next Wednesday the boy back home.

My cousin called me again to tell me that her friend would not return her Prayer and The Image and, she asked me, if could get more, so I sent enough.

This is another evidence of the marvelous Mercy of our Lord Jesus.

I appreciate being part of this wonderful service, but to serve, give more service to my spirit.



7- A person visited me in the hospital and she gave me some images of the Lord of the Divine Mercy as a present, I have to tell you that in the next two days I finished with the images, the people snatched me run out of mine, the

My mom already got out from intensive care since last week. God healed her, and truly when I felt most confident to Him with all my heart, He saved my mom. Also, my whole family were un prayer, It has been a real miracle that my mom has survived all that happened, even the doctors were amazed, and told us, that they never had any patients before that survive from three pulmonary enemas, from an asepsis, from small brain hemorrhages, more than three bacteria that infected her body, anyway, everything what happened her is incredible, more than three months in intensive care, Do you know what is that??? Only my God could save her. And I want to share it with you.

Thanks and I want to learn more about this, to grow my faith, my spirit and to be more close to God.



8- We did not have to wait long to receive the blessings. The same Saturday about one hour later, that a person visited us in our business and she shared a devotion of the Lord of the Divine Mercy and left images.

A very difficult situation that we had, not only was resolved, but turned around to something positive for us. God bless her for sharing her experience and devotion. Of course, since that Saturday, we initiate our prayers as well as promote the devotion.



9- The Lord of Mercy has done the miracle in the medical examination result they did to me, my lymph nodes are clean despite I had metastasis before in 23 of them of 25 that they left on the stomach because they could not be removed because they were so close to other vital organs such as kidney , lungs, spleen, you know, but I am very HAPPY and I can prove once again that faith moves mountains and that is what I have more.



10- A Lawyer of a Notary, who I work with a lot, but rarely talked of our personal lives. One day when she visited me into my office, I wanted to tell her that I had a present for her. I gave her the prayer. A Few days later, I found out she was not working. Some days later, she visited me again, and in this time, she was completely different than before, with a twinkle in her eyes, radiating joy and told me that she had been absent from her job because his brother was very serious heart disease, in her family, they had several problems and one of them was that she was a single mother, but for the illness of her brother they started the prayer, from which sprang the mutual forgiveness between brothers. Her brother came out well from the operation of which he had the minimum possibilities to survive, but the most valuable, I think, was the healing of her family, now she is very interested in serving, because she feels the need to serve God and have experienced God´s Mercy



11- The husband of a friend of my mom began to feel badly. He went to see a Doctor and was diagnosed colon cancer, A few days later they operated him in Villahermosa, Tab. He is American, but because of the seriousness of the situation they cannot move him to the USA. I went with Mom to the hospital to visit him and took with me the Mercy book and the prayer, which I ask him as a special favor to pray it daily with his family who came from Houston to visit him. To tell the true, it was a terrible case. The Men was totally hopeless, but the worst of all was the anguish reflected in his face, in his sight, that not let him even breathes well. He was a ship captain. He listen my petition and accepted it. His wife told me that he prayed daily; even twice a day he was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Later, little by little, he gradually calm down, and talking with his sons all plans and projects, putting things in order, and in one week, the men died in peace. His wife commented me that the peace he received from the prayer was amazing and everything he could told to his son and to her, is the reason what keep motivating of being on her feet, struggling day by day. The Lord show us once again, that it is not necessarily what we want is what we need. !!!!




12-  I want to comment about my experience. It was 6 years ago that my son was born, he was a premature baby, and the placenta was ripped from me. I had to have a cesarean and my son was born with a birth weight of 1.6 kilograms (3.53 lbs.) and they had had to connect him to oxygen. He had a catheter; he had so many the things in his tiny body that you could not have seen his little face. The hopes were quite few and if we succeed to pass from the 72 hours the things will become critical. He lost weight, and needs blood and I was in shock; But the same day, a cousin of mine arrived and brought as a gift a beautiful prayer that it turned itself into the balsam for my heart and my soul. I prayed it everyday and it was so much, my faith that even though the doctors told me he was beyond any hope, that I don’t get my hopes up too much or perhaps he will remain badly, that I rather trusted in God as the prayer says.

Now, one week ago, my sister gave me some religious picture stamps because of my brother-in-law‘s column operation in the Angels hospital in D.F. (Distrito Federal) of México and those religious stamps were given to my sister by a Lady, and when I turned it over (the stamp), I saw the same prayer it was my medicine (balsam) before on those two months when my son was attended in the hospital. I did not know it was Jesus, The Lord of the Divine Mercy. So, in that moment I knew that thanks Him because he did to me a miracle with my son, who is now in an excellent condition. I had just carried my son to the doctor (neurology- pediatrician) in order to check if he still have any consequence and he told me that better he could not be, and I truly wants to tell you with all my heart that I feel a very fortunate woman in spite of those difficult times I had, because God never abandon us, but it clear enough for me, that we have to Trust in Him and put us in his hands. Thanks