Cuadro Jesus


Jesus revealed to Saint Faustina from 1931 to 1938, a few years before the Second World War, and many souls received graces of conversion and strength when they venerate the Image of Merciful Jesus, which rapidly spread throughout Poland, and then Europe and the world.

The man needs God, and God in His love, comes out to meet him pouring the rays of Mercy. The man of today needs to hear that there is hope; That God in His mercy wants everyone to be saved, but the only condition is the change of heart; to admit the sins and with a deep repentance back to God and keep away from devil.

The essence of the devotion to the Divine Mercy is the confident attitude toward God and love to your neighbor. The Lord Jesus calls His creatures to trust in Him. "I desire trust from my creatures…(Diary, 1059) and do works of mercy: Through theirs acts, words and prayer… "You must show mercy to your neighbors always and everywhere. You cannot stop, nor excuse or justify” (Diary, 742).

The image of Merciful Jesus shows the resurrected Savior that brings peace to humanity through the forgiveness of sins, at the price of his passion and death on the cross.

The rays of blood and water emerging from the Heart (invisible in the image) pierced by the lance and the marks of the nails recall events of Good Friday.

The Divine Mercy has as primary aim to reach the hearts of every person to know that God is merciful and loves us all and that the bigger is the sinner, the greater is the right of merciful, so, no soul should be afraid to approach Him.

The forms of cult of Divine Mercy are: The Image of Merciful Jesus, the Feast of the Divine Mercy, The Chaplet of Divine Mercy, The Hour of Mercy and Mercy Proclaim.