We are a group of lay, devotees of Divine Mercy; we are dedicated to spreading the devotion, being fully convinced that the Mercy of Our Lord is great and that He acts in a wonderful way, especially when we allow it, full of confidence on Him.

Primarily, we visiting hospitals in Mexico City, started in 2004 and during the time that we have been doing this work, we have witnessed great favors received: inexplicable healings and great conversions, especially in people who have placed their trust.

We give to them the image of Merciful Jesus and the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe and prayers, patients and family receive the peace of Our Lord, the hope and comfort so necessary in these difficult times.

We thus know the devotion to the Lord of Divine Mercy in that situation, and in many cases we keep in touch with the family during the tribulation in order to continue providing spiritual support.

Afterwards, we kept in touch with some people after experienced the merciful love of God, they want to continue the propagation of the devotion. Many of them are people who live in different provinces of Mexico. By doing this, the diffusion of devotion is increasing day by day. We send images to different cities when they request us, we also encourage them to make known the devotion in different areas, not only in hospitals because there are outside, people with more severe illness than the physical (those of the soul).

We know that God wants to touch every heart and once touched, like ours, they surely wants to respond, making Him known, as we have witnessed.

We pray a Eucharistic prayer, entrusting to all patients who we visited so that our Lord bestow his Mercy on them.

Since 2004, we have sent to print 900.000 images of Merciful Jesus and the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe. They have been distributed in Mexico and around the world with excellent acceptance.

We have participated in meetings of The Divine Mercy in Mexico and Europe, as well as visit the relic of St. Faustina to different Parishes of Mexico City.

We want more and more people who are engaged in making known this devotion of Divine Mercy, which does nothing but bring good to humanity and it is so urgent at this time. Jesus tells us:

Humanity will not get peace until they turns with trust to my Mercy” (Diary, 300).

People who are dedicated to spreading the message of Divine Mercy, we have received countless blessings; we are fully convinced that Jesus fulfills His promise:

"Souls who spread the devotion of My mercy, I protect them through their entire lives as a tender mother her infant, and at the hour of death I will not be a Judge for them, but the Merciful Saviour." (Diary 1075)

Pope John Paul II, was a great promoter of the Divine Mercy, recall his mandate:


"From the pierced Heart of the Redeemer flows the infinite source of merciful love. God is "rich in mercy":  That your whole life be a hymn of praise to this sublime mystery of salvation. Make everyone you meet in your daily apostolate feel that the Heavenly Father is always "particularly close to man, especially when man is suffering, when he is under threat at the very heart of his existence and dignity" (Dives in Mercy). (John Paul II, 11.08.2001. Letter to Superior General of the Congregation of Sons of Merciful Love).

(Work with God, carrying His love and comfort to the suffering and cooperate with Him in the Salvation of Souls)

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